Interzum 2019 award for aerfom FR and flofom FR.

June 3, 2019

Latexco, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of latex foam components, PU foams and pocket springs for the bedding industry, is proud to announce that it has won an Interzum 2019 award for 2 of its high quality unique PU foams.


Meets the FR standard for the bedding industry

Fire retardant polyurethane foams have been around for decades. The currently used technologies to make PU fire retardant are for the major part based on the use of melamine combined with halogen-containing components. Especially the latter products are under more and more pressure because of the health risks associated with these types of compounds.

Latexco has developed fire retardant versions of the hyper soft flofom and viscoelastic aerfom range that meet the British Standard Crib 5 criteria and does not contain any halogen or melamine components, but maintains its specific characteristics of specialty foams.

In this way, fire retardant polyurethane foams are produced safely for the generations to come.


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