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fom pillows

The pillows in the ‘fom’ range are made of technical PU foam.

The pillows in our ‘fom’ range are made of unique, technical PU-foams. The secret behind the exceptional qualities of this line lies in a blend of high-grade raw materials and a unique production process.



‘flofom’ foam combines the technical advantages of a memory foam (pressure-reducing) with the resilience (elasticity) of an HR foam.

As a result, it offers a very specific level of comfort and feels very agreeable. ‘flofom’ pillows are available in a medium (flofom blue) and soft (flofom tangerine) version.

Because we have a wide range of hi-tech sawing machines in house, we can offer our ‘fom’ pillows in widely-differing sizes, with different shapes or other cutting patterns.



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Our standard ‘fom’ pillows provide full head and neck support.

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Thanks to the specific design, this ergonomic pillow is ideal for sleepers with neck complaints.

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