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spring mattresses

‘Latexco springs’ mattresses
are individually wrapped coils into
their own breathable fabric pocket.

We are pleased to offer a broad variety of coil shape and diameter from very small spring to big coil. Our full product range is heat treated reinforcing the strength & durability, improving coil resiliency and support for a comfortable and relaxing night sleep.

Various height and zoning options are available.

The pocket springs are individually wrapped into their own breathable fabric pocket. The coils themselves are not directly
attached; meaning each coil is able to move independently, providing enhanced support and adjusting to anybody’s contours.

Pocket coils are customizable to the requested specifications in term of comfort level. In this way delivering a unique feel.
They can be layered or stacked together. All our pocket cores are heat treated through electricity-tempering, reinforcing their
strength and durability, improving coil resiliency and support.

Spring specifications

Various options/combinations available

Wire: soft 1.6mm – medium 1.8mm – firm 2.0
(other wire avalable on demand)

Different coil counts per m² available

Unit specifications

Single or multiple zoning option (3,5,7) with different wire diamater sizes available.

Choice between parallel/nested pattern with same or different wire.


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Stacked on pallet (on demand)

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