Who is Latexco?

Latexco is a family business that has been developing latex, technical PU foams and springs for the bedding industry for over 60 years. Latexco has come a long way in that time, starting from a small family business in Tielt, Belgium, to become a business with a global presence. Today we employ over 600 people worldwide. The entrepreneurial spirit from the early days has never disappeared. We’ve grown, and we’ve grown up. Our organization has evolved and professionalized accordingly.

Throughout our international expansion, we’ve always remained true to ourselves. At Latexco, we always cherish the same core values: respect, commitment and trust. And this is translated into respect for people and the environment, personal service, superior quality products and innovative solutions for every one of our customers. Each and every day.

Our solid reputation for high-quality latex along with a strong focus on the development of specific technical PU foams and springs enable us to be a one-stop-shop for customized sleeping comfort. Thanks to our worldwide geographic spread we strive to be the preferred partner to design the unique sleeping experience every bedding company around the globe is looking for.



Since decades, Latexco has been a pioneer in sustainable business development. Latexco worked hard to minimize the environmental impact of its activities. We were the first in our market to deploy our own water treatment plant, to use 100% green energy in our manufacturing processes and to set up our own recycling company.

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Reliability and trust

In the last 60 years, Latexco has grown from a small family business into a world-class player in the bedding industry. That doesn’t happen just by accident. It’s only possible if we live up to our promises, on all levels. For doing business boils down to one word: trust. Trust that we’re providing the right quality. Trust that we’re asking a fair price for it. Trust that we’ll deliver on time.

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Latexco sets great store by an exceptional level of customer service. That’s why we invest continually in our sales-, production- and logistics centers, both at home and abroad. Thanks to those efforts we provide an efficient service tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

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Quality – Certificates

Why do over 70% of the world’s bedding manufacturers choose components from Latexco? Well, because Latexco does not compromise on quality. By closely monitoring every quality parameter, in every step of the production process, we ensure that our mattresses, pillows and toppers are of outstanding quality.

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Natural latex

Latex is a white milky fluid, a stable dispersion of rubber (organic polymer) particles in water.

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Synthetic latex

Synthetic latex is a mixture of two oil derivatives: styrene and butadiene.

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FSC certified latex

Latexco is proud to have obtained certification by the Forest Stewardship Council®. The FSC certification is a major step forward in Latexco’s continual efforts to work sustainably. Everything that Latexco does testifies to its environmental concern.

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Latexco Worldwide Locations

PT Latexco Indonesia
JL Mayen Sungkono 5
Blok D No 1-6
Desa Segoromadu - Kecamatan Kebomas
Gresik, Indonesia
Phone: +62 31 398 0878
Fax: +62 31 398 0879
E-mail: latexco@indosat.net.id
Latexco Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
114 Lavender Street
#02-58 CT Hub 2
338729 Singapore
Phone: +65 6385 2580
Fax: +65 6234 3140
E-mail: latexco@singnet.com.sg
Latexco España S.A.U.
CIF A50970946
Avenida Europa, 7
50100 La Almunia de Doña Godina (Zaragoza)
Phone: +34 97681 17 49
Fax: +34 976 81 17 47
E-mail: almunia.recepcion@latexco.com
Latexco Brasil
Cond. Edifício Higienópolis Offices Tower
Av. Angélica,2503 – sala – 154 - São Paulo – S.P. CEP: 01227-200
Phone: +55 11 2373 8551
E-mail: info.brasil@latexco.com
555 S 65th Avenue, Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ 85043, USA
Phone: +1 562 946 3222
Fax: +1 562 946 3230
E-mail: jim.gutierrez@latexco.com
Latexco LLC
975, Gerrard Road
30553 Lavonia, Georgia - USA
Phone: +1 706 356 8001
Fax: +1 706 356 8444
E-mail: kca@latexco.com
Latexco N.V. - Belgium
Production: Latexco N.V.
Sint-Amandstraat 8 bis - 8700 Tielt (Belgium)
Phone: +32 51 40 14 31
Fax: +32 51 40 55 66
E-mail: info@latexco.com
Latexco Sverige AB
Fabriksgatan 15
571 78 Forserum
Phone +46 380 29400
Fax +46 380 20583
E-mail: info@latexco.se

History and timeline

Timeline Timeline Timeline

In 1955, Sylvain Maes, father of the current owner Luc Maes, founds Latexco. In the early years, Latexco is active in two sectors: the bedding and the furniture industry.

From the 1980s onwards, Latexco starts focusing on the bedding industry. The company manufactures mattress cores, pillows and toppers in latex foam.

To drive its steady growth in the nineties, Latexco invests in a brand-new logistics center. In these years, the company increasingly focuses on sustainability. Latexco speeds up its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. Just before the end of the century, Latexco Solutions is born. This Latexco subsidiary processes industrial residues, including the waste that is inherent to Latexco’s production process.

Latexco consolidates its international expansion and new Latexco facilities open around the world. We inaugurate a manufacturing and distribution unit in Indonesia, as well as the Latexco Asia-Pacific sales office. A few years later, a new production and logistic unit is set up in La Almunia (Zaragoza – Spain) and we launch the Innergetic quality label. ‘Latexco US East’, a production and logistics unit in Lavonia, Georgia, and ‘Latexco US West’, a manufacturing and distribution center in Los Angeles, California (US) follow two years later. In São Paulo, Brazil, we also establish a sales office to cover Latin America.

Latexco keeps innovating and develops the unique and patented SonoCore process in 2011, resulting in the PULSE product line.

Latexco decided to invest in producing technical PU foams – the ‘latexco fom’ range. Following the establishment of a fom unit in the US, in 2013, we also set up a fom unit in Belgium in 2016.

Since 2018, Latexco started to produce springs. Latexco is now a one-stop-shop for comfort in the bedding market.

These days Carole Maes, daughter of Luc Maes, helps steer this fast-growing, global company.

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