Innergetic is a unique latex blend that Latexco has developed in association with international testing institutes. The Innergetic mixture contains rigorously selected raw materials, including a large proportion of natural latex. Thanks to that special blend, every mattress with the Innergetic mix inside, guarantees outstanding comfort and exceptional sustainability. Indeed, the Innergetic quality label is synonymous with mattresses that ensure a regenerative night’s sleep.

Every night, we toss and turn between 30 and 60 times in our bed (says Prof Dr. R. Cluydts). A mattress should not inhibit those natural movements. Thanks to their unique composition, Innergetic mattress cores ensure that sleepers can turn freely in bed. That way, they use a lot less energy. Better still, they get energy ‘back’, so to speak, while they sleep. So that – come the morning – they awake, fully rested.

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