Latexco manufactures mattress cores made of different materials: natural latex, a blend of natural and synthetic latex, technical PU foams and a combination of latex and technical PU foams. During the production process (Dunlop process or fom process) we are able to tailor the density/hardness, height, sizes,  etc. … of our mattresses to the customer’s specific requirements.

For bedding manufacturers who want to personalise their mattresses (logo, design, etc.), we can produce tailor-made mattresses, using custom-designed moulds.

Our mattresses are divided into four main groups, based on their material type and composition:

  • classic

    The products from the ‘classic’ range contain a sophisticated blend of natural and synthetic latex.

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  • natural

    The ‘natural’ range comprises all products made in our genuine natural latex.

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  • fom

    The ‘fom’ range are products made of unique technical PU foams.

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  • fusion

    Our fusion line combines our best latex and fom qualities into unique comforts.

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