Cofidis Solutions Crédits chooses Latexco pillows during the Tour de France

July 26, 2018

During the Tour de France 2018, the racing cyclists of the Cofidis Solutions Crédits Cycling Team will each have their own Latexco latex pillow. Also during each major cycling event after the Tour de France, the Latexco pillows will travel from hotel to hotel with the cycling team. The objective of this agreement: ensure the cyclists’ optimal recovery, so that they can appear at the start, each morning, suitably invigorated and full of energy.


Intensive support for cycling races


For 25 years, Latexco has been linking their products to good sports performance. In addition to the Quick Step Floors Pro Cycling Team, the former Rabobank Cycling and Tinkoff-Saxo teams also the Cofidis Solutions Crédits Cycling Team opted for Latexco products. This team will now be the fourth top cycling team to objectively and independently choose the Latexco products, thus ensuring that the cyclists get a well-deserved night’s rest during the biggest cycling events. Cedric Vasseur, general manager at Cofidis: “We are always happy to give the best to our riders and this new partnership between Cofidis Solutions Credits and Latexco will give our riders a better recovery after every stage of the Tour de France. Sleeping well is the base of any performance and with the same personal pillow each of our rider is having the best recovery. All of them are having a more comfortable and healthy sleep. Thanks to Latexco for helping us to get the best of our Champions.

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