Flofom is sensational! Why sink when you can float? The best of both worlds in one foam.

Flofom combines the cradling effect of memory foam (pressure reducing) with the extra bounce (elasticity) of an HR foam. As a result, it offers a very specific level of comfort and feels as if you are floating! It offers a very specific level of comfort and optimal pressure distribution, which makes it feel very agreeable.

Thanks to our fully automated contour cutting machines, we have the capability to turn your flofom topper or component into any shape you like.


  • Open cell structure
  • Cradling effect of memory foam
  • Fast recovery
  • Not temperature sensitive
  • Available in different firmnesses: soft (light tangerine), medium (darker tangerine) and firm (darkest tangerine) version.


  • Exclusive floating feel, unique for the mattress industry
  • Excellent comfort layer
  • Optimal pressure distribution
  • Your body will not lose energy when you turnĀ 
  • Great ventilation properties
  • Feel is not affected by temperature swings

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