Memory foam reinvented and improved.


Neufom gives you that cradling effect of memory foam: you do not sleep “on top” of your mattress, nor do you sink “into” it. It serves as a perfect transition layer, and gives your body the support it needs. Your body will not lose any energy when you turn.


Neufom has a different and exceptional “plush” feel. It is a memory foam, but reinvented. Neufom has a faster recovery than any other memory foam, and has a fine cell structure. This foam is not temperature sensitive.



  • Different and exceptional “plush” feel
  • Reinvented memory foam
  • Faster recovery than any other memory foam
  • Fine cell structure
  • Not temperature sensitive



  • Cradling effect of memory foam
  • Excellent transition layer that serves as “late recovery”
  • It gives your body the support it needs
  • You will not lose energy when you turn
  • Feel is not affected by temperature swings


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