LatexCool™ uses Latexco’s proprietary process to integrate phase change material into latex with two applications, as a surface coating and infused into the foam itself, resulting in 30% better cooling performance compared to leading products available in the market.

6 hours of active cooling

The LatexCool™ concept consists of two layers of Innergetic® Classic latex, which is a 20% natural / 80% synthetic blend, that is coated and infused with cooling phase change materials (PCM’s). The cooling capacity of the PCM’s are consistent throughout each layer and keep you cool for as long as six hours.



LatexCool™ is available in:

  • Topper of 1″ thickness with PCM coating and infusion
  • Topper of 1″ + 1″ = 2″ thickness with PCM coating and infusion (two top coatings)
  • Topper of 2″ thickness with PCM coating and infusion (one top coating)

The firmness level that is used in the original concept is the “Plush” feel. If you like the top layer of your mattress a little bit firmer, then a “Medium” feel will be more what you are looking for.

LatexCool Concept