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fom pillows

The fom pillows are made of technical polyurethane foam.

Fom pillows in every shape, size and color!


The pillows in our fom range are made of unique, technical polyurethane foams. The secret behind the exceptional qualities of this line lies in a blend of high-grade raw materials and a unique box pouring production process.

Do you like the flofom soft for an extra soft pillow? Try out the flofom, aerfom or XO-Nano, play with different densities, sizes and colors, and we will come up with a totally unique pillow line together!


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*SNOoze above the clouds*

The SNOFOM is the newest category of foam with the highest airflow we have ever seen, that gives both comfort & support: SNO follows the natural movement of the human body and holds the same pressure distribution over time.


  • The highest airflow we have ever seen in our PU offer!
  • High-end quick response bedding foam
  • Open cell foam structure
  • Higher comfort index
  • More performance on compression set tests
  • Faster recovery than a standard HR foam


  • Will hold the same pressure distribution over time
  • Supportive and yet soft enough to cradle the body enabling the natural movement of the body throughout the night
  • Optimizes comfort by helping balance the body and mattress microclimate during sleep
  • Ensures good sleep quality in all climate, both in winter and summer
  • Excellent for stress relaxation


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Flofom is sensational! Why sink when you can float? The best of both worlds in one foam.

Flofom combines the cradling effect of memory foam (pressure reducing) with the extra bounce (elasticity) of an HR foam. As a result, it offers a very specific level of comfort and feels as if you are floating! It offers a very specific level of comfort and optimal pressure distribution, which makes it feel very agreeable.

Thanks to our fully automated contour cutting machines, we have the capability to turn your flofom topper or component into any shape you like.


  • Open cell structure
  • Cradling effect of memory foam
  • Fast recovery
  • Not temperature sensitive
  • Available in different firmnesses: soft (light tangerine), medium (darker tangerine) and firm (darkest tangerine) version.


  • Exclusive floating feel, unique for the mattress industry
  • Excellent comfort layer
  • Optimal pressure distribution
  • Your body will not lose energy when you turn 
  • Great ventilation properties
  • Feel is not affected by temperature swings

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Aerfom is memorable. A memory foam for a cooler night’s sleep.

For those who like the overall feel of memory foam, but don’t like the way it gets hotter as you sleep on it, there’s aerfom. Due to its unique cell structure, air and moisture pass through the material much more easily. It keeps you cool during the night and is highly resistant to allergens, bacteria, mites, mold, etc.

As a result, aerfom successfully mimics the feel of memory foam, but with added consistency, permeability and breathability. it contours your body perfectly, and gives optimal pressure relief for each body type. It also allows better motion dampening between sleeping partners.


  • Visco-elastic memory foam
  • Soft at hand
  • Very slow recovery
  • Fine & very open cell structure that gives superior breathability


  • Better contouring
  • Optimal pressure relief for each body type
  • Better motion dampening between sleeping partners
  • Keeps you cool during the night
  • Highly resistant to allergens, bacteria, mites, mold, etc.

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Aerfom™ with Carbon Fibers


The carbon infused technology is considered to be the best temperature regulating solution for foam bedding products by many in the industry. It consists of long carbon fibers that are highly conductive and act as channels to pull heat away from the body in foam and latex mattresses, pillows and toppers. This memory foam cradles pressure points, and offers enhanced durability and strength at lower densities.


Product tests and comparative studies show that the carbon infused foam outperforms the competition by 30% and doubles the conductivity of standard foams. In latex foam applications, the conductivity was even higher. The technology provides long-term comfort benefits for cooler, restorative sleep throughout the night because the fibers create pathways allowing heat to move consistently through the foam, minimizing buildup of heat on mattress surface layers, comfort toppers and pillows that come in closest contact to the body.


When the foam is compressed, the thermal conductivity increases by as much as 50%, which proves the reduced airflow and heat flow when foam is compressed. It is also perfect when creating a bed-in-a-box concept.

Next Generation

Latexco Academy is already working on the next generation of products using this high-tech additive aimed at improved thermoregulation and anti-wrinkle effects for the skin.


  • 100% visco polyurethane foam
  • Highly thermal conductive
  • Carbon fibers
  • Composite
  • Fine cell structure
  • High density
  • Fast recovery


  • Memory foam that cradles pressure points 
  • Highly conductive
  • Pulls heat away from the body
  • Enhanced durability and strength at lower densities
  • In pillows: no longer need to flip your pillow during the night
  • Outperforms the competition by 30% and doubles the thermal conductivity of standard foams

Firmnesses: 12.5 – 15.5 ILD

“It doubles the thermal conductivity of a regular memory foam.”

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