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Fusion Mattress Cores

The fusion product line is created by fusing latex components, PU foams and/or springs/microcoils.

Meeting every individual sleeping need

Today’s consumers attach more importance to sleeping comfort than ever before. That is why there is a growing interest to provide them with tailored bedding solutions. With the ‘fusion’ product line, we cater to this growing trend to meet the individual, specific needs of the sleeper.

By ‘fusing’ latex components, PU foams and/or microcoils or springs, we manufacture strong, durable and customized bedding solutions. The combination of our unique product ranges enables us to provide customers with personalized levels of sleeping comfort.

Our ‘fusion’ toppers and mattresses are developed in close cooperation with our customers: we sit around the table with you in order to determine your needs. After that, our mattress experts ‘fuse’ the right combination of (natural) latex, PU foams and/or springs. In this way, we can create a topper or mattress that perfectly meets our customer’s requirements.

The possibilities of our ‘fusion’ bedding products are virtually endless. For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team. Together, we can build your perfect topper or mattress.


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Soul Spring

Soul Spring is a solid latex encapsulated pocket spring mattress that fuses the genuine comfort of latex and pocket springs. This easy-to-assemble concept has endless customization options and can be smoothly compressed & roll-packed, thanks to the highly flexible latex frame. The Latex components are made of a 20/80 Innergetic blend.


  • Comfort of both latex and springs combined
  • Equally comfortable on the sides
  • Play with different firmnesses
  • Play with the coil gauge of the spring unit
  • The springs bring resilience to the mattress construction
  • Simple in manufacturing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to compress and roll-pack
  • Patent pending

The soul spring technology has now been recognized for its innovative and quality capacity with an Interzum 2019 award: intelligent material & design 2019.

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Progressive Support

The exclusive progressive resistance topper provides three levels of comfort within a single latex component.


  • Progressive support or dual comfort toppers
  • Various densities and ILD’s can be combined into a unique comfort/support layer.
  • Continuous pouring, so no need for adhesives.
  • Cylindrical pinholes are applied to our mattress cores for even more comfort.


  1. Full wave ultra plush surface of 14 ILD is designed to provide the ultimate plush feel.
  2. A soft pressure relief of 19 ILD transition layer provides pressure point relief to maximize circulation and minimize tossing and turning.
  3. The 30% firmer support layer at 25 ILD will provide proper spinal alignment.

Think about it: No seams. No adhesives. No fillers. 100% (natural) latex.


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