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The 'fusion' product line is created by fusing latex components, polyurethane foams and/or springs.

By ‘fusing’ latex components, polyurethane foams and/or springs, we manufacture strong, durable and customized bedding solutions. The combination of our unique product ranges enables us to provide customers with personalized levels of sleeping comfort.

Our ‘fusion’ toppers are developed in close cooperation with our customers: we sit around the table with the customer in order to determine his needs. After that, our mattress experts ‘fuse’ the right combination of (natural) latex, polyurethane foams and/or springs. In this way, a topper is created that perfectly meets our customer’s requirements.

With the ‘fusion’ product line, Latexco caters to the growing trend to meet the individual, specific needs of the sleeper.

The possibilities of our ‘fusion’ toppers are virtually endless. For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team. Together, we can build your perfect topper.


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LatexCool™ uses Latexco’s proprietary process to integrate phase change material into latex with two applications, as a surface coating and infused into the foam itself, resulting in 30% better cooling performance compared to leading products available in the market.


Read here to learn more about the LatexCool™ concept!

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Dual Comfort

The Dual Comfort topper provides two levels of comfort within a single latex component. This gives the unique ability to achieve two different feels with one component without the use of adhesives.

One layer of latex is poured directly on top of another layer. Play with different densities and additives, and come up with a whole new product.

Talk about SKU management & creativity!

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We can provide toppers foamed on jute, as a protective coat between the pocket spring mattress core and the topper. The jute ensures extra pressure distribution.

FR Fabrics

Latex is poured in-line directly onto the FR fabrics or fibers to increase fire retardancy. In this way, they fulfill the main fire-retardant standards in the U.S. bedding sector.


Latex is poured in-line, without the use of any glue, onto various sizes of 3D mesh sheets creating multiple new designs of comfort toppers accelerating ventilation and airflow, cooling properties and extra support.


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