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House of Comfort

House of Comfort as a one-stop shop for the B2B bedding industry

House of Comfort as a one-stop shop for the B2B bedding industry

Today, Latexco US is the only producer of both foam and latex under one roof, including a full service line of fabrication, lamination and fulfillment capabilities at two strategic locations (East-West). We produce a large range of high-quality comfort toppers, mattress cores and pillows developed in an ecologically balanced and sustainable way. We are building a customer-centered company that acts as a one-stop shop, and creates innovative solutions with a short time to market for the ever-changing bedding industry.

Latexco Academy as your partner for sleep product development

We guide you, our customer, from your initial idea to a final product, whether that is a mattress component or a finished good. With the latest investments, Latexco US has created unique made-to-order capabilities, that enables our partners to develop customized programs with the shortest time to market. We have extreme customer-centric processes and the equipment into place to be the most flexible supplier in the market. Latexco encourages our partners to use its resources and expertise as a platform for innovation, both on national and global level.


Design Brief

Let's put your ideas on paper together.

We would like to know all about you and the idea that you had in mind! In this phase, we will ask you a lot of questions, just so we know exactly how to help you.



A digital model of the concept will be created for your approval.

Based on the design brief, we will create a digital visualization of how the product will look like. This concept will reflect all your specifications related to comfort, support, temperature regulation, etc.



Your first sample is coming up!

After your approval of the digital model, we will start prototyping, which means that we will send you a minimum viable product (MVP) that you can validate in the marketplace.


Operational Readiness

We will make sure that your product is ready to market.

In every phase, there is an ongoing iteration flow until we receive your final approval. As soon as you and your customers approve the MVP, we will prepare the production process, assess the scaleability, make sure the product complies with the 1632 and 1633 FR Standards, develop the cover, labels, retail packaging, branding, etc.; and eventually, help you outline the go-to-market strategy.



Latexco Academy can help you with your go-to market strategy.

If all the above is validated and approved, we will help you executing on the go-to-market strategy, by guiding you in the product branding and finding the right communication and sales channels. Let's try it out!

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