Mattress Cores

Latexco manufactures mattress components made of different materials that guarantee you comfort and support: natural latex, FSC certified natural latex, a combination of natural and synthetic latex, technical polyurethane foams, (pocket) springs in combination with latex or technical polyurethane foams and so much more. During the production process (Dunlop), we are able to adjust the density, firmness, height, size, … of your mattress tailored to your specific requirements.

For mattress manufacturers who want to personalize their mattresses with their own logo, design, etc., we can produce tailor-made mattresses, using custom-designed molds.

Our mattress cores are categorized into two main groups, based on material type and composition:

  • latex

    By fine-tuning the exact proportions of natural and synthetic latex over more than 60 years, we can customize the products to fit each customer’s specific needs.

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  • fom

    The fom product line represents products made of unique technical polyurethane foams.

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  • Fusion

    Our fusion product line combines our best latex, specialty foams and/or springs/microcoils into unique comforts.

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