A good pillow improves your sleep at its best. Therefore Latexco uses the finest materials and, throughout the production process for Innergetic or fom, we closely monitor all process and production parameters. We manufacture standard and ergonomic pillows made of natural latex, a blend of natural and synthetic latex or technical polyurethane foams, in different shapes and sizes. In this way, we ensure that our pillows offer a pleasant level of comfort in every sleeping position.

For mattress manufacturers who want to personalize their pillows (logo, design, etc.), developing custom-designed molds. Shapes, sizes, densities, firmnesses and comfort level can also be adjusted based on your requirements.

Add salt and pepper to customize your pillows! We can apply cooling technologies, CBD oil, copper, graphite, oxygel, etc. as a coating to your unique pillow.


Discover our brand-new Innergetic Natural Foam pillows and dream away in nature!

Innergetic Natural Pillows


Latexco's pillows made of a 50/50 blend, 100% natural or PU foam are available in standard, queen and king.

  • latex

    By fine-tuning the exact proportions of natural and synthetic latex over more than 60 years, we can customize the products to fit each customer’s specific needs.

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  • fom

    The fom product line represents products made of unique technical polyurethane foams.

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