Our mattress toppers create a superior and unique comfort in the top layer of a mattress. They can be combined with a numerous amount of different materials, such as foam cores, spring units, pocket springs, etc., and serve as an extra comfort layer in or on top of a mattress. Latexco makes mattress toppers out of latex, specialty (polyurethane) foams or a combination of both. During the production process (Dunlop or SonoCore) we are able to tailor the thickness, size, density and firmness to meet the customer’s needs.

Add salt and pepper to customize your foams! We can add cooling technologies, CBD oil, copper, graphite, oxygel, etc. into our foams or we can apply them as a coating.

Our toppers are available in both latex and polyurethane foam, or you can combine different components to create your own unique topper!

  • latex

    By fine-tuning the exact proportions of natural and synthetic latex over more than 60 years, we can customize the products to fit each customer’s specific needs.

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  • fom

    The fom product line represents products made of unique technical polyurethane foams.

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  • Fusion

    Our fusion product line combines our best latex, specialty foams and/or springs/microcoils into unique comforts.

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