SnoFom™ Mattress Toppers & Pillows

*SNOoze above the clouds ☁️*SNOFOM

Its breathability is sky high

  • High-end quick response foam
  • Very open cell structure
  • Snowy white
  • Soft as snow
  • Higher comfort index
  • Excellent for vacuum & roll-packing
  • Perfect for adjustable bed mattresses
  • New technology / category of foam


Our SnoFom™ has the highest airflow 🌬️ we have ever seen.

It maintains the most natural & healthy sleep environment thanks to its breathability! 🛌 😴 

SNOFOM Mattress with Pillows

Extremely soft, yet supportive


  • Supportive and yet soft enough to cradle & enable the natural movement of your body
  • Extremely responsive foam
  • Same pressure distribution over time
  • Excellent for stress relaxation
  • Perfect as a comfort top layer in a mattress or topper
  • Super comfy as a pillow!

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