Soul spring, by Latexco, wins a prestigious Interzum Award

October 29, 2019

Latexco, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of latex foam components, PU foams and pocket springs for the bedding industry, is proud to announce that it has won an Interzum 2019 award for its new soul spring concept.

A world first

Soul spring is a brand new concept by Latexco. The perfect combination of latex and pocket

springs. This unique concept fuses the genuine comfort of latex and pocket springs in the purest,

simplest way. The pocket spring-unit is boxed inside the latex core. This easy-to-assemble

concept results into a solid, 100% latex encapsulated, pocket spring mattress, which can be

compressed and rolled without any risk thanks to the highly flexible latex frame. Soul spring is a

registered design of Latexco.

Interzum Award

The soul spring technology has now been lauded for its innovative and quality capacity with an

Interzum 2019 award: intelligent material & design 2019.

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