Latexco envisions a world where people
can dream and enjoy a happy, active and healthy life.

We believe that our innovative bedding solutions can help bring this world one step closer, as a good night’s sleep makes people happier and healthier. That’s why we focus on innovative bedding solutions and offer quality and service in all our latex and PU combinations.


Latexco produces mattresses, pillows and toppers in latex and technical PU foams for the bedding industry. Thanks to our continual quest for impeccable quality, our passion for innovation and our excellent service, we are a world-class player in our sector. Sustainability runs as a leitmotif through all Latexco’s activities.

  • classic

    The products from the ‘classic’ range contain a sophisticated blend of natural and synthetic latex.

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  • natural

    The ‘natural’ range comprises all products made in our genuine natural latex.

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  • fom

    The ‘fom’ range are products made of unique technical PU foams.

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  • fusion

    Our fusion line combines our best latex and fom qualities into unique comforts.

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  • springs

    This new product range will be launched February 2018.

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Latexco manufactures mattress cores made of different materials: natural latex, a combination of natural and synthetic latex, technical PU foams and a combination of latex and technical PU foams. During the production process, we are able to tailor the density/hardness, height, sizes, … of our mattresses to the customer’s specific requirements.

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We manufacture pillows made of natural latex, from a blend of natural and synthetic latex or from technical PU foams, in different shapes and sizes. The comfort and shape can be adjusted at the customer’s request.

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Our toppers are used to create a superior and unique comfort in the mattress. They can be combined with a vast choice of materials: foam cores, spring units, pockets springs or as an extra comfort layer above a mattress. Latexco makes toppers out of latex, technical PU foams or a combination of both. We tailor the thickness, sizes, density/hardness to meet the customer’s needs.

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Since decades, Latexco has been a pioneer in sustainable business development. Latexco worked hard to minimize the environmental impact of its activities. We were the first in our market to deploy our own water treatment plant, to use 100% green energy in our manufacturing processes and to set up our own recycling company.

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